SADLY LYNN who features in this article has sadly died Martin and I where contacted by Police and her drugs worker to say that Lynn had been found dead in her wee flat she was clean for 18 months she was so happy in her wee flat it was Women reveal how Glasgow charity Salt and Light saved their lives – Daily Recorda privilege to have know Lynn RIP


July 2015 saw a close to our dropin on BUTTERBIGGINS RD sad for the service users there was a lot of tears “if we cannae come here what do we do at least were not jagging or robbing when were here” (just one of the replies so sad

The bus also ceased as donations where sparse hopefully with some good fundraising we can re evaluate this crucial service

We still need donations  to keep the website etc operational your help is invaluable

Some of our girls will be attending a womens conference in Bristol they are really excited they have all done so well in conquering their addictions

Thank you for your continued support please do share our page on facebook and the website keep us fresh in peoples minds